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KSA Martial Academy is offering a 4-hour ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense workshop this coming Saturday, November 11th, from 1-5:00PM.

The ASSERT Empowerment and Self-Defense curriculum is a powerful training course designed for living, not just defense.

The primary goal of the course is to
Transform Fear into Power.

Learn to confront the faceless violent criminal, home invader, carjacker, and kidnapper as well as the acquaintance, friend, or family member that becomes manipulative and potentially violent or dangerous.

The ASSERT Program is designed to:
*Help you face stressful situations successfully,
*Plan ahead for them, and
*Maintain your composure and clear thinking even under the effects of Adrenaline.

That is what makes ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense different:

Once the Mind-Set is changed, the skills can be quickly and effectively applied.

Our goals are simple:
*Recreate the levels of stress you would experience during an attack of any kind,
*Do so in a controlled and safe environment, and
**Empower You to Live Without Fear!**

This is not a Martial Arts Program! It has a completely different focus and is geared toward the whole family! ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense Courses are centered on the development of the Mind-Set in order to employ the Skill-Set.

Because our program has been developed with the help of Mental Health Professionals, Self Defense Industry Leaders, Legal Experts, and extensive research into Department of Justice, Department of Defense, and Law Enforcement statistics, procedures, definitions, and training, we have been able to create a system that allows all students, of any age, gender, and physical capability, to effectively utilize the unique techniques and materials presented during our course work.

Located at 4910 Charlotte, KSA Martial Academy, or KSAMA for short, is ideally situated and uniquely qualified to provide this particular service to the area. Two of the founders of this local school are the creators of the award-winning ASSERT program, which is currently in regular use by numerous South Florida Public and Private schools, several organizations within the University of Miami, in-patient eating disorder clinics, nationally recognized at-risk and Foster Care youth groups, and countless families and corporations as a means of self-defense education, team-building, and familial and social group bonding experiences.

The up-coming workshop will require pre-registration and will be taught by the creators of the program – an opportunity currently reserved for Instructors seeking certification to teach the program. The program is well known for its fun and informative curriculum, providing physical and personal skills that are immediately applicable. Potential participants are encouraged to bring family members of all ages and physical capabilities.

The Miami, Florida-founded ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense was established in 2004. Based on crime case studies, reporting, and statistics, victim services, law enforcement training, and over 40 years of martial arts training, ASSERT offers a variety of certifications, ranging from Family and Personal Safety and Self-Empowerment to Law Enforcement and Protection Services Assault/ Defense Tactics and Program Instruction. The program’s founders have trained a wide range of students, from Elementary, Middle, and High School-aged children and families through SWAT, FBI, DEA, and top military components. For more information, please visit their official website:

The workshop is $60 per person, or $50pp if you register as a group of 2 or more. Please wear comfortable clothing. Pre-registration is available at: 

Pre-Registration is required as space is limited.
Or call to sign up: 615-473-1739

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Single, 2+ per person