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Our Events

Ladies’ Night Self Defense Workshop with ASSERT

Find the Self-Rescuing Queen in You! This is a powerful workshop designed for living boldly & freely. Discover Your Power!

You Can Be Assertive – Self Defense Class

You Can Be Assertive! This is a powerful self defense program designed for living boldly and freely. Discover Your Power and Become Your Own Superhero!

Responsible Ownership: Firearms Safety & Tactics Training

Are You a Responsible Gun Owner? Join us for this Simunition® and Scenario-based Safety and Tactics training and be positive that you are!


Our goal is simple: Provide our Students and their families a safe space to train - free of judgement or prejudice, where they can work on self-improvement, fitness, and community.

Black Belt

The KSA Difference

Our curriculum was created and is run and supervised by a core group of experienced Martial Artists, James Cat Fitzgerald and Liz Fitzgerald, offering over 50 years of experience.

What We Teach

Traditional Martial Arts

Train the honorable principles of Budo through our selection of Traditional Martial Arts practice.

Contemporary Martial Arts

Learn Bruce Lee’s Way of the Intercepting Fist & an array of Filipino, Indonesian, & Thai Martial Arts.

Self Defense & Security Pros

Train real-world civilian and security professional level empowerment and defensive tactics.

Fitness & Wellness

Improve your overall well-being, range of motion, strength, and flexibility through a variety of modalities.

Current Class Schedule


Will return in early 2022

5:30-6:30PM - Aikido

6:30-7:30PM - Filipino Kali

6:00-7:30PM - Hapkido


Noon-4:30PM Private and Semi-private Appts.

4:30-5:50PM - Youth Tae Kwon Do

5:30-6:30PM - Tae Kwon Do

6:30-8:00PM - Jeet Kune Do


Noon-4:30PM Private and Semi-private Appts.

5:30-6:30PM - Tae Kwon Do

5:30-6:30 - Muay Thai

6:30-7:30PM - Jeet Kune Do

6:00-7:30PM - Hapkido


Noon-4:30PM Private and Semi-private Appts.

4:30-5:50PM - Youth Tae Kwon Do s

5:30-6:30PM - Tae Kwon Do

6:30-8:00PM - Jeet Kune Do


10:00-11:30AM - Hapkido

10:00-11:00AM - Tae Kwon Do

11:00-12:00PM - Youth Tae Kwon Do

12:00-1:00PM - Jeet Kune Do

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