Speed, Strength, Injury Prevention, and Longevity in Martial Arts Through RFST


Kick Higher, Hit Harder, Feel Better! Speed, Strength, Injury Prevention, and Longevity in Martial Arts Through Resistance Flexibility Strength Training with Olympic and Pro Athlete Trainer Cat Fitzgerald

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Strength and Flexibility with Cat Fitzgerald

Saturday, October 28th, 2023 from 9-10:30AM, $30pp

Movement Specialist Cat Fitzgerald leads a 90-minute Resistance Flexibility Strength Training workshop Oct 28th 9-10:30am, 2023. 

He has trained Olympic medalists and Professional athletes and been personally credited as “…[my] secret weapon to setting my world record” by 13-time record setting Freediving Champion Martin Stepanek.  

Workshop will specifically focus on the strength and flexibility necessary for the roundhouse kick and how to develop those qualities through exercises that are just as valuable for non-martial artists.  

Participants will walk away with: 

  • A stronger, faster, roundhouse kick with less effort 
  • Quantitative and Qualitative results in body movement by end of session
  • Partnered and solo workout techniques 
  • A training method for improvement and longevity in your physical endeavor
  • Range of motion vs flexibility 
  • Workout recovery methods 
  • Injury prevention and recovery 
  • Why traditional methods of training may be the problem.

About Cat Fitzgerald and Resistance Flexibility Strength Training (aka Meridian Stretching)

Some Facts About Flexibility and Stretching

  • True Flexibility is Permanent and Cumulative.
  • Your Athletic Peak is between the ages of 35 and 45.
  • True Flexibility prevents Injury.
  • Most people do not know how to stretch properly and end up doing more harm than good!

What Olympic and Pro Athletes are saying about their training with Cat:

“Cat introduced me to one of the most powerful training tools available to an athlete: RFST. It is the missing link we’ve all been looking for. I cannot recommend Cat enough to athletes and health enthusiasts across the board!”   –Nikki Roderick, Silver Medalist, 2009 World Freediving Championships, National and Continental Record Holder

“With RFST, Cat helped me regain vitality from depleted adrenals and heal past overuse injuries. I recommend his work to everyone, including high profile Athletes of all sports!”    –Catherine Garceaux, 2004 Olympic Medalist Synchronized Swimming

Cat’s clients also include:

Martin Stepanek, 13-time World Record Holder, Freediving
Christophe Ribot, Owner and Founder of Miami KiteBoarding
Nelson Phillippe, Indy Car Race Champion
Sofia Bekatorou, Greek Sailing Champion and Olympic Medalist
Michael Gebhardt, Olympic Medalist and Winningest Professional Windsurfer
and a host of Martial Artists, Rock Climbers, Tennis Players, Olympic Swimmers, X-Games Medalists, Dancers, and more–hobbyists and Amateur, Olympic, and Pro Athletes!


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