Masterclass in Shotokan Karate with 10th Dan Jean-Pierre Lavorato Sensei | Oct. 27 & 28, 2023


Masterclass in Shotokan Karate with 10th Dan Jean-Pierre Lavorato Sensei

October Friday, 27th 6-8PM and Saturday, 28th 10AM-Noon

VIP and Single Session Ticket options available.

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Join us this October 27th and 28th for a 4-hour Masterclass with Shotokan Kase Ryu 10th Dan, Jean-Pierre Lavorato

Discover Shotokan Kase Ryu Karate through this curated Masterclass featuring world-class teaching methodology that seamlessly blends traditional values with modern-day insights.

This in-person seminar is open to practitioners of all styles of Martial Arts.

Class Schedule:

  • Friday Night: Masterclass with Lavorato Sensei Session 1 from 6-8PM
  • Special Testing:   Previously scheduled Rank Testings on Friday night from 8PM-10PM
  • Saturday Morning: Masterclass with Lavorato Sensei Session 2 from 10:30-12:30PM
  • Special Workshop: Speed, Strength, Injury Prevention, and Longevity Through Resistance Flexibility Strength Training with Olympic and Pro Athlete Trainer Cat Fitzgerald Saturday Morning from 9-10:30AM
  • Special Event: Meet and Greet with Lavorato Sensei

Jean-Pierre Lavorato Sensei’s Masterclass


Strength and Flexibility with Cat Fitzgerald

Movement Specialist Cat Fitzgerald leads a 90-minute Resistance Flexibility Strength Training workshop Oct 28th 9-10:30am, 2023. 

He has trained Olympic medalists and Professional athletes and been personally credited as “…[my] secret weapon to setting my world record” by 13-time record setting Freediving Champion Martin Stepanek.  

Workshop will specifically focus on the strength and flexibility necessary for the roundhouse kick and how to develop those qualities through exercises that are just as valuable for non-martial artists.  

Participants will walk away with: 

  • A stronger, faster, roundhouse kick with less effort 
  • Quantitative and Qualitative results in body movement by end of session
  • Partnered and solo workout techniques 
  • A training method for improvement and longevity in your physical endeavor
  • Range of motion vs flexibility 
  • Workout recovery methods 
  • Injury prevention and recovery 
  • Why traditional methods of training may be the problem.

Meet and Greet with Lavorato Sensei

After the Saturday Sessions, those participating in the VIP experience will join Lavorato Sensei for a good ol’ fashioned advanced class at a nearby eatery.

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Friday Only, Saturday Only, Both Sessions, VIP, Stretching Only