Aikido is a non-violent, proactive martial art and a means of self-cultivation. It is a whole-body art that teaches us how to unify mind, body, and spirit -thought with action; it is a method of communication. The principles and concepts that make the art effective at neutralizing attacks are taught to be as easily applicable in other types of “attacks,” such as those that arise in our daily and interpersonal relationships. We learn and train to recognize and handle the symptoms of discord effectively, without violence, so that we can then address the root cause and start the process of reconciliation.

The driving force of the physical and spiritual art of Aikido is in the search to restore Harmony where it has been broken. In Aikido, we learn to resolve conflict with assertiveness and compassion. In order to accomplish this we must have a shift in our present “normal” paradigms where aggression is met with aggression and violence, or aggression and injustice is met with passivity and apathy. Aikido is a method of training that enables this shift by teaching methods with which to deflect aggression and restore harmony.

The practice of Aikido promotes healthy:

  • Personal Relationships: Spousal, Family, Friends
  • Business Relationships
  • Verbal De-escalation
  • Team and Community Building
  • Personal Development