ASSERT Self Defense & Professional

ASSERT Empowerment Self Defense (Civilian)

Developed with the Department of Justice and FBI Crime Statistics, and with the help of Mental Health Professionals specializing in Victimization Issues, ASSERT offers clear solutions to today’s Safety and Security Issues, including:

  • Personal Boundary ID and Defense
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Domestic Violence
  • De-escalation and Communication
  • Home and Cyber Security
  • Assault & Acquaintance Violence

ASSERT Professionals (LEO/ MIL/ Security)

With a focus on effective, simple to learn and train techniques, the ASSERT Professional curriculum encompasses ranges from ground and empty-hand Stand-up to edged, blunt, and projectile weapons, and including:

  • Boundary Setting and Defense
  • Force Matrix De-/ Escalation
  • Simunition Force-on-Force Training
  • Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics
  • Team Cohesion Training
  • Mission-based/ Apprehension-based goal sets
  • Liability-conscious Apprehension tactics