Hapkido is a Korean martial art and a form of self-defense based on strikes, kicks, joint locks, throws and other techniques.  When translated (Hap=coordinated; Ki=energy or power; Do=the way), Hapkido means ‘the way of coordinated energy’ or ‘the way of coordinated power’.  The ‘way of coordinated energy/power’ seeks to use an opponent’s energy against them by employing the simple and common principles of flowing water (Yu), the circle (Won), and harmony (Wha).  When these fundamentals are combined, very little strength is needed to overcome an opponent.  In fact, it’s more likely for a smaller person to neutralize an attack from a larger person, gain sufficient control of the situation and render the attacker incapable of further attacks and violence against them. 

When practiced, Hapkido not only helps you acquire effective and sound self-defense skills, but will help with character development.  You’ll see a boost in your self-confidence, improvement in your physical conditioning including balance, posture, flexibility, timing, muscle tone, discipline and more on your way to achieving your fitness goals while making new friends.