KSA News and Schedule for November and December 2021

KSA Holiday News and Schedule

Good afternoon everyone! We hope this update finds you all well.

We have some super exciting news coming up over the next couple of months and we wanted to clue you all in first. 🙂 We’ll start with Schedule changes and Holiday closures. This email might be long, but it is worth it!



As many of you may know, Master Tina is now the head of the Youth Program for KSA. She is doing such an amazing job and we want to thank her for being willing to take on the biggest responsibility in the school: Teaching our future superheroes!

Master/ Sifu Lee has begun teaching more JKD classes, so you’ll be able to get more variety in viewpoint as you explore this complex art.

Sansanim/ Apprentice Instructor Sarah Stephens has stepped up to take a larger role in her own training and in teaching during both TKD and JKD classes.

And, Master Liz is returning to the mat to teach regularly starting this month.

We want to thank all three of them for their support and dedication.

Also, a huge and special shout-out to Master Tina for being voted Treasurer for the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation Board of Directors.

Training Space

Over the next couple of months, we will be making some major changes to the dojo! First of all, we are going to redo the training space to add more mat space, better storage for your training gear, and adding a small office space up the hall. Music City Micros will be installing a couple of green walls to some wonderful greenery to the space and make some delicious and nutritious micro greens available to all of us. We will be updating the bathroom and kitchen space, updating equipment, and overall, making KSA’s interior reflect You, our amazing Martial Arts Family.

We recommend that you take the time to order any gis or training equipment you might need early, too. First of all, with shipping delays, some of these may take longer than expected, and, two, we are getting ready to begin the journey to a more regular training pace, including sparring and more.

The 2021 KSA Gear Dragon was a really popular design, but, while we will continue to make it available, the time has come to unveil the 2022 designs. Expect that in your inbox in the next couple of months as well.

Billing Changes

As many of you know, part of Master Liz’s absence on the mat has been related to all of the backend administrative changes we have been working on to make your membership experience as smooth and manageable for You as possible. She has installed, tested, and is finally ready to fully launch the new Membership Portal, which will give you access to payment history, billing, and control of your payment methods, which is super cool. But there’s more!

The new portal also offers member rewards, referral bonuses, special offers, and member access to upcoming materials over the course of the year. So, be on the lookout for an email with your user ID and PW, if you have not received it already, or for your December billing to invite you to create your account. For those of you who are currently on Auto Pay through Square, please note that we will no longer be using Square, so, we will need you go in and put in your updated payment method and preferences into the new system.

If you need help getting set up, We will have a dedicated laptop at the front desk to help get you all worked out.


Starting Monday, 15th November, we will be moving all classes inside by default while leaving the option to train outside if the weather is nice. How does this affect our Pandemic safety protocol? All vaccinated members can continue to attend any class they choose during the week. Non-vaccinated members will be welcome on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as before, but, on those days, everyone is required to wear a mask.

Kids’ Classes will continue on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and will continue to be masked classes.

Holiday Closures

The dojo will be officially closed on the following dates:

Wed., Nov. 24th – Sunday, Nov 28th

Thurs., Dec 23rd – Sat., Jan. 1st

For those who would like to train during those times, training mat time and/ or informal training can be scheduled with any of our Instructors, pending their availability. During these sessions, we would appreciate that all participants mask up.

The first class of 2022 will be held on Tuesday, January 4th, so be prepared to sweat!

Finally, the Monday Aikido and Kali breakout classes and the Wednesday Muay Thai classes will return in early 2022 – shooting for mid-January.

With all of that said, Master Cat and Master Liz want to thank you all once again for your continuing support, especially though the pandemic and all of its ups and downs. We are now focusing on regrowing the school so that we can make sure that it continues to be a safe space and sanctuary for all who need it.

In health,

All of us at KSA Martial Academy

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