Annual Registration Fee

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Due annually on your membership anniversary. Your Annual Registration Fee includes injury and liability insurance through AAU Tae Kwon Do and annual membership to the AAU.

Memberships are also available to Team USA Tae Kwon Do and the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation. These are purchased separately. Speak to Master Liz for more information on all of the benefits of membership in these organizations.


Terms and Conditions:

KSA Martial Academy is a No-Contract Membership school. We prefer to offer our students the flexibility of a school that can adapt to their needs. However, in order to secure the health and longevity of the school, we do have some minimum terms and conditions that apply to all of our Membership options.

  1. All Membership dues must be paid within the due date 5-day grace period. Payments made after this will incur a 10% late fee.
  2. If you know that you will be away from class for more than 60% of the month, you may put your Membership on hold for that month.
  3. 30-Days’ notice is required to put a Membership on hold or to cancel a Membership. If the hold or cancelation is required due to an unforeseen emergency, please speak to either Master Cat or Master Liz for a system override.
  4. If you have been charged incorrectly, please contact Master Cat or Master Liz to resolve the issue. Overpayments will be refunded to the account used to make payment.
  5. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please speak to Master Cat or Master Liz. We never want finances to be the reason you do not train.

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